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Building Account Credibility Through Robot Cookie Gathering
Building Account Credibility Through Robot Cookie Gathering
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In order to make sure the user is real, with valid browser activity, the websites can plant the tracker inside which is commonly known as cookie. It is enough to pay a visit once and accept the terms for the installation that later monitors the history for quite some time.

Note. For the believable image within the account, the cookies should be collected before getting started with actual work.

When planting the cookie in the user’s database, it does not intersect with other trackers, but can be shared through different services. One of the most prominent examples is Facebook elements of liking, sharing or commenting that are popular among the websites. With this, the platform places the recognizable unique code that later identifies the user whenever they visit any of the related pages. On the other hand, when such tracks are absent, it creates doubts about user validity, which leads to high probability of traffic banning.

Note. Such inconvenience can be avoided with the cookie robot browser introduces. It is not activated automatically because of specific pre-setting that should be passed first.

If user decides on activating a robot cookie collection, then GoLogin service introduces the opportunity of distant setting of function through Telegram bot.

  1. Type in the search bar @GoLessbot and look for the line with the browser's logo.

  2. Activate the cookiebot by sending the token found on the GoLogin API tab.

  1. Select the option with cookie emoji and pick the account(s) that are going to be involved.

  1. Confirm the choice to proceed with the robot cookies setup.

The further steps depend on the user solely, allowing them to either give the lead to the system or select manually the preferred websites for cookies, estimated time and decide on closing the browser after finishing the task. One of the best pieces of advice – the more popular sources, the better, as they greatly increase the credibility, verifying the user as a believable one for traffic coursing.

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