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Sharing Profiles With Others
Sharing Profiles With Others
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If you share access to a profile to a user, he/she gets access with a full set of your settings (such as cookies, local storage and extensions (if enabled), tabs, proxy settings, browser settings, and fingerprint configs).

To share access with another user, you need to:

  • Click the three dots next to the button "Run" of a profile.

  • Select "Sharing" in the drop-down window.

  • Enter the email you want to share your profile to (the user is supposed to be registered already).

  • You can also set the rights to be "View", "Edit", "Admin", or "Owner":

  • View β€” the user can run the profiles you shared.

  • Edit β€” the user can run, clone, and edit the settings of the profiles you shared.

  • Admin β€” the user can do everything but transfer and delete the profiles you shared.

  • Owner β€” you entirely hand your profiles over to the user.

If you want to share an entire folder, click "Folders" at the very top of the GoLogin app, then click the human icon to the right of a folder's name:

You can also unshare a profile by following the same instructions. Instead of adding an email, remove the one you want to unshare from.

Note! In terms of how plans work, only current sharings are counted. It means that if you have shared your profiles 10 times and then unshared 2, you will have 2 more sharings again.

Still not clear? Watch this video:

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