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A web cookie is a tiny piece of data sent from a website and stored on a user's computer while the user is browsing the internet. This data plays a critical role in verifying the identity of the user. To integrate these cookies into Gologin, you can transfer them from your primary browser.

Initially, it's essential to retrieve cookies from your browser. Gologin's browser is compatible with JSON or Netscape formats, in addition to plain text. Various browser extensions facilitate this process. For those needing to clear cookies from their browsers, numerous free tools are readily accessible online. This discussion will highlight several outstanding and complimentary browser extensions, facilitating the acquisition of a text or JSON file, which Gologin accommodates.

HTTP cookies and web cookies represent distinct varieties of data storage mechanisms, both serving to preserve user information. Through Gologin's "Import Cookies" functionality, you can seamlessly integrate cookies from your main browser into your browser profiles.

To transfer cookies into Gologin, execute the following steps:

  • Access the menu by clicking the three dots adjacent to the "Run" button, then select "Cookies."

  • During the creation of a new profile, navigate to the "Cookies" tab and opt for "Cookie Import."

A subsequent window will appear, allowing for the addition of cookies.

There are two methods to import cookies:

  1. Firstly, through text, by copying the data from the extension and pasting it into the designated field before clicking on import. This action refreshes your cookies.

  2. Alternatively, by uploading the file directly.

Be aware that importing a new set of cookies from the same website will eliminate and replace any existing cookies.

Guidance for Cookie Export and Import

Gologin browser profiles are compatible with JSON and Netscape cookies. For exporting and importing cookies, the following Chrome extensions are recommended:

  • EditThisCookie

  • Swap My Cookies

  • Cookie Editor

  • Export History/Bookmarks to JSON/CSV/XLS

  • Cookie-Editor

Instructions for Viewing Cookies in Your Browser

To view cookie files in your browser, utilize the following steps:

  • For Chrome, insert "chrome:/settings/siteData" into the address bar.

  • For Firefox, input "about:preferences#privacy" in the address bar. On the displayed page, choose "Cookies" followed by "Manage data."

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