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In order to ensure a stable workflow while working with other teammates, the GoLogin browser enables Team mode. With its help, the work with an associated person is allowed without having to share personal accounts or data in general.

Note. The feature may be limited to certain account subscriptions, so, before starting to work with the browser, one has to make sure the priorities correlate fully to the suggested functions.

The Main Benefits of Team Mode

For the specific purposes of people working with Internet traffic flow, the work in a team is sometimes necessary for keeping the campaign active. The things they can do with teamwork include:

  • Sharing profiles with other users, from one to the whole group.

  • Distributing the positions, assigning corresponding tasks and permissions.

  • Inviting users right from the start of the application if they are not registered yet.

Warning. For every regular team member, profile delete is prohibited. Only the user with administration rights can manage the added to “Shared” profiles.

How to Manage the Team in the Browser

The menu for establishing teamwork is easily accessible within the browser, allowing you to switch in a couple of clicks. It is enough to open the navigation panel, choose the option with “Team members” and switch to the tab opened for management.

If one wants to invite another user, the following instructions will be helpful for them:

  1. Open the menu for “Team members” to proceed.

  2. If one were to create a team, the “Invite user” option is necessary. Otherwise, it is shown as “Add members” instead.



  1. When the “User email” field opens, enter the address of the future teammate in it. Remember that for teams existing users are not allowed to join, which will be shown in corresponding pop-up notification. If the teammate already has an account, they should introduce another email link.


  1. Save the appeared code noted as “Temporary password” and send it to the user that will be joined through the link sent. There is an option for attaching a password with the invitation, but it is recommended to use more secure methods.

  2. Finish the procedure by confirming the previous steps through the “Add” option.

Note. When the group is already created, the browser profiles can be shared at the same time.

When completing all the steps mentioned, the invited member just needs to use the link and install the GoLogin browser, using the e-mail address as a login and the temporary password.

For the better experience, all members should have up-to-date versions of the application.

In case the team member has to be removed, the procedure does not take a lot of effort. After confirming the action, the user invited will not be able to log in into the same account.

  1. Select the menu with team management options.

  2. Open the settings regarding linked accounts.

  3. Choose “Remove the use” and confirm the action made.

This feature allows it to protect the data when another member decides to take a leave, for various reasons. In such a way, all the information stays within the one circle of interest.

Sharing Option

Before getting started in the same workspace, one has to make sure the profile is added to the “Shared” section correctly. In order to do this, the administrator has to:

  1. Choose the option responsible for “Groups”.

  2. Pick the necessary folder and click in their menu the “Edit” button.

  3. Select the member, to which the assignment is made, pick the permissions that should be attached and save the changes.

    1. Launch option – the entrusted profiles will be available for starting only.

    2. Launch/edit/create – the team member can work within the group as profile creator and editor, too, becoming the person similar to administrator.

Note. The permissions and options can be changed anytime back, allowing full control over the situation.

  1. Click on the menu of “Team members” again.

  2. Seeing the list of available teammates, press on the three dots to open their thematic menu, choosing the “Edit permissions” option.

  3. Select the available groups and change the access status beside.

Protection From Unauthorized Actions

When being assigned for “Read only” mode, the user is restricted from making global changes. Whenever one tries to make an unauthorized move, the message appears with the warning, saying this is not in one’s competence.

If the user decides to move their own profile to the group, a warning appears about limiting their rights for editing information, unlike they had before. If there is another group to pass the profile to, then the one can give it even if it is unavailable for the team, but instead the access will be fully lost.

How to Troubleshoot the Issues

The most popular reason for rejecting the user is that they already have an account within the GoLogin system. Such a problem is solved easily – the administrator just has to ask for another email link to send an invitation to. For other issues, feel free to ask the support team or GoLogin thematic communities.

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