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AudioContext Hardware Profile Settings
AudioContext Hardware Profile Settings
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AudioContext is a way of defining audio settings, the number of inputs and outputs for media devices, and the maximum and minimum values ​​they get.

AudioContext does not use sound recording (in other words, no one is eavesdropping on you through this technology), but collects information about audio input and output devices. This data can provide websites with a better idea of ​​what kind of PC you are using.

AudioContext is usually closely related to media content and helps websites play it correctly (for example, when you need to bring audio on a website out through headphones).

Anti-fraud systems use it just like Canvas: data is also secretly collected and then juxtaposed with other users.

Many users possessing the same PC model, for instance, have the same values. Combined with other data, this allows website security systems to evaluate the consistency of the digital fingerprint data and understand how real the user's fingerprint parameters are and whether they can be trusted.

AudioContext Modes

AudioContext GoLogin can be found in the "Advanced" section of the profile settings:

Noise — adds noise and slightly changes its values.

Off — conveys your real data (many users with a similar PC model will have the same values, so do not worry that you are not hiding this data — it is simply impossible to track down a certain user in such a huge crowd).

Still not clear? Watch this video:

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