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Proxy Error
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If you see an "error" popping up next to your profile, first hover your mouse over it and see what it reads.

If it's a proxy error (proxy connection error, time-out, etc.), there's a 99% probability the issue is coming from either your proxy provider or the proxy itself.

The Gologin anti-detect browser provides its own proxies for popular GEOs. At the same time, Gologin clients can use proxies from third-party providers.

The following errors usually indicate a problem on the proxy side of the ISP:

  • "Can't open session";

  • Profile in the "Running" state for a long time;

  • "Cannot connect to proxy";

  • "Error" or "Proxy errors" in the browser profile status;

  • "Proxy connection failed", "can't connect to proxy server" or "proxy connect error";


How to Test Proxies

You can make sure that the problem is with the proxy (not with the Gologin) if you run a proxy test in an ordinary browser. You can use the browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox to do this. Also check your Internet connection.

If the proxy does not work in an ordinary browser, contact your proxy provider and check proxies.

Another solution: send the proxy to the Gologin support team for testing. Be sure to include your username and password, proxy type, IP and port.

How to Fix Proxy Error

If the proxy works in a normal browser, manually fill in the IP-dependent data: WebRTC, geolocation and time zone. To find out this data, check the IP of your proxy here:, then follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Browser Profile settings.

  2. Open the Timezone tab. Turn off "Fill timezone based on the external IP" and set it manually.

  1. Open the WebRTC tab. Turn off "Fill WebRTC Public IP based on the IP" and specify your proxy IP (or leave the setting off).

  1. Open the Geolocation tab. Disable "Fill geolocation based on the external IP" and specify the latitude and longitude according to your proxy (or leave it set to "Block").

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