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In GoLogin 3.0.1 Mars we are adding Warpcore for you!

This solution allows you run profiles with different versions of the Orbita browser and the corresponding version of the browser engine - which will reduce the likelihood of detection and protect accounts from blocking.

Goals of introducing Warpcore:

  • Fix inconsistencies between browser fingerprint and Orbita version.

  • Give the user the choice of whether to update the profile fingerprint.

  • Give the user the choice of whether to update the GoLogin app.

Warpcore is a mechanism where each browser profile can have a different version's fingerprint. At the same time, this profile can only be run on the version of Orbita corresponding to this version. For example, a version 105 fingerprint will never run on a version 103.
This means that with Warpcore we give access to all required versions for any application version. All necessary fingerprints are loaded automatically as needed or after a new browser core is released.

Why is this important to you?

Our Warpcore update means that all browser core inconsistencies have been fixed not only when working individually, but also when working in a team, even if its members use different versions of GoLogin and Orbita.

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