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Mobile Browser Profile
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If you want to have access to more functions and get more trust from important sites, then you should use mobile browser profiles.

When creating a mobile browser profile, our fingerprint builder will emulate real use.

The following steps will help create a mobile browser profile:

  • Look at the navigation panel. There is a “New Profile” button. Click it.

  • Input the name of the browser profile.

  • Choose Android as an operating system.

  • Set up proxies by clicking "Proxy".

  • All the settings are generated automatically to their maximum capacity. But you can tweak the configurations if necessary.

  • Click "Create Profile".

After following the steps and saving, you will notice an added new mobile browser profile. Although you can run mobile profiles on a PC as well, it's recommended that you use them on an Android smartphone.

Check this video to see how a mobile browser profile works in GoLogin:

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