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There are two methods for a website to define your timezone. The first way is, the website parses the IP address via the database of Ip2Geo. The next method uses the JavaScript function. It reads the timezone through the API browser found at the regional settings of the operating system. The results of the methods will be checked by the browser. If the results do not match, the user must be using a proxy server's location set in a different timezone.

With GoLogin, users can configure the time zone of the browser profile automatically or manually.

Choose Timezone Automatically

Allow option "fill time zone based on the IP" to immediately join within the primary servers through GoLogin. The servers will go through connections that were already existing in the settings of the browser profile. Once the servers are connected, the backend can recognize those other websites that have the same external IP address.

Choose Timezone Manually

Users have the ability to manually set the timezone. They can disable the feature "fill timezone based on the IP", and fill in the configuration form manually. After disabling, the operator can select the timezone value he or she wants.

Still not clear? Watch this video:

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