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GoLogin provides coordinate customization of the geolocation to website. Mask modes are available for geolocation: allow, block, prompt.

Prompt Mode

When websites make an appeal to receive coordinates, browsers send pop-up windows confirming whether the user wants to pass on the geolocation towards the website. On the perspective of the website, users configure settings into ‘ask before access’ on browser setting.

Users have to enable the recovery of the geolocation. By that, geolocation coordinates on browser profile setting is given to website.

Allow Mode

Geolocation is passed on automatically to the websites that are on request. On the perspective of the website, users need to configure the automatic feature to allow location readout on browser setting.

Block Mode

Most of the websites are automatically blocked, they cannot receive geolocation coordinates. On the perspective of the website, it can determine that the feature is configured to block the location readout on browser settings.

Correct Geolocation Masking Mode

When users allow the websites to determine their geolocation, the trust is increased. Users need to remember that these websites determines the geolocation coordinates on one page, by then websites will use user information and compare it towards another location-revealing data points on other pages.

Automatic Geolocation

Users will notice by default the fill geolocation based on IP option is turned on. Users who use this feature will notice that GoLogin tries to connect to its own servers through the configured connection in the settings of the browser profile. When users successfully connect it, backends are recognized to the real external IP address, even other websites sees it.

Retrieval of geolocation coordinates originates from an up to date Ip2Geo database. Users can prevent using the same coordinates for multiple IP address that belong to a similar ISP. GoLogin will randomly add small offsets to the coordinates. Offsets is acknowledged and remains consistent on the browser profile.

Authorized websites can receive the geolocation.

Manual Geolocation

When users decide disabling the automatic setup for geolocation coordinates on the external IP, users have to manually fill up a form and enter geolocation coordiantes.

Format of Geolocation coordinate must be in Decimal Degrees (DD) format.

  • Latitude and Longitudes are the coordinates

  • Accuracy is the precision of the coordinates in meters, the reference range is 1 to 1-100. In GoLogin, the multiples of 10 are reduced to provide convenient use.

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