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The WebRTC is a commonly used plugin for browser profiles. It allows communication between devices in the webpage. Moreover, it enables users to directly connect between peers. But, it excludes the importance in installing additional plugins or other local applications. It is best to access the multimedia device through WebRTC to make the plugin work. There are two blocking methods the website can do:

  • Enumeration of the devices

  • ID tracking for multimedia devices.

The mentioned methods are also possible with the use of Browser leaks test. Users can take a look on the mechanism there.

Enumeration of Multimedia Devices

The enumeration of devices solely rely on the retrieval of the complete list of numbers for the multimedia devices installed. However, how many multimedia devices is insufficient to specifically identify the user. But, it has an important role.

Remember: Enumerating the number of multimedia devices is only for those users that have the premium subscriptions.

Altering the given parameters is possible as long as it follows the boundaries:

  • Video inputs (Cameras available): 0 to 1

  • Audio inputs (Microphones available): 0 to 4

  • Audio outputs (Speakers available): 0 to 4

In technical references, users can use more of the limited amount of devices. However, the scenario is unusual. Device numbers are always in limitation in accordance to most online users are using.

Tracking IDs for Media Device

In making the WebRTC work, the website has to determine the number and the type of multimedia devices used. Through this, users has the ability to build correct real-time communication that needs a unique device identifier. Moreover, users need to think of the device address. The browsers will not give an authorization to the websites that enables them to view the full model of the hardware devices. However, the browsers give hashes. These hashes are termed as Device IDs. Similarly, these websites use values for user identification purposes.

The IDs of media devices are unique to each user. It has an outstanding and effective technique for browser fingerprinting. When the feature in GoLogin is enable, it masks the device IDs for the devices you added.

Remember: As users turn off the mask for the multimedia devices, the real IDs of the device are revealed on the website. Moreover, this will happen when you enable the IP masking on WebRTC.

Still not clear? Watch this video:

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