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Before you know how to export cookies from chrome, you must first know what cookies are.

Cookies are small text documents that the web server (website) stores on the user's computer using the browser.

Almost any information about a site visitor can be recorded in these files: at what time and from what device a person visited the page, what products he was interested in, and so on.

The antidetect browser Gologin supports the following formats:

  • JSON;

  • NetScape;

  • Text.

In order to import cookies, you will need to select a browser extension. It will give you special data that is suitable for exporting/importing into the browser itself. Currently, GoLogin has no built-in cookie export. But you can use third-party Chrome extensions such as Cookiebro, EditThisCookie and CookieEditor for instance. To install it, run a profile and add an extension the same way you do when using Google Chrome.

Note! Keep in mind that the extensions listed above are not developed by our company and were simply suggested by our customers. Therefore, we take no responsibility for them.

To cookies export, you need to do that:

  1. Click on the profile you need

  1. Go to the profile settings

  1. Start importing or exporting cookies

To import cookies, use one of two methods:

  1. Using a text format

You have to copy cookies from the extension and paste it into the field “Import Cookies”. Then just click import.

  1. Import cookies by downloading

You need to transfer the JSON or NetScape files. Then just click import.

In addition, it is worth noting that if other cookies are imported to the same website, all existing cookies will be overwritten.

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