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GoLogin on Your Smartphone
GoLogin on Your Smartphone
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How To Install GoLogin on Your Smartphone

  • Open the Play Store app on your phone or go to

  • Search for "gologin".

  • Install both "GoLogin Anti Detect Browser" and "Orbita for GoLogin".

How To Use GoLogin on Your Smartphone

The mobile GoLogin app works the same way it does on your PC. You create, edit, and run your profiles in GoLogin, and they get launched via Orbita. The only difference is that you can only run one profile at a time. The main reason: on your phone, you can launch an app only once, and each profile requires a separate launch of Orbita.

NOTE: Mobile GoLogin is only available on Android. And since you're using an Android smartphone at this point, it's also highly recommended to emulate and use Android profiles while working with GoLogin on your phone.

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