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GoLogin proxy free traffic
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We're pleased to announce the latest addition to GoLogin's proxy services - our all-new residential, mobile, and data center proxies. These proxies are now available in over 40 countries, including popular locations like the USA, Canada, Germany, the UK, and India.

Are you a new GoLogin user? Get ready to explore our proxies with an exclusive free trial traffic offer. This is the perfect opportunity for you to experience the advantages of using GoLogin's proxies firsthand!

For all users with a paid plan, we're providing the following proxy traffic limits:

  • Residential: 200 Mb

  • Mobile: 200 Mb

  • Data center: 3 Gb

Upd. from August 1, 2023: New limits for paid users:

Residential: 500 Mb

Mobile: 500 Mb

Data center: 6GB

Even our trial and Forever Free users get a complimentary 3 Gb of datacenter proxy traffic!

Go ahead and take full advantage of GoLogin's new beta proxies to unlock a seamless, secure, and lightning-fast browsing experience!

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