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Enabling your web camera
Enabling your web camera
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By default, GoLogin masks your media devices, and access to your computer's real webcam(s) is turned off. This is done to keep identifying data (such as the amount of media devices attached to your computer, your device's local IP address, etc) inaccessible to websites you visit through GoLogin.

It's important to note that if you choose to follow the instructions below and disable masking, your internal IP address may become accessible to any websites you visit, subsequently lowering your anonymity and possibly compromising your fingerprint, in some cases.

Webcam access is available only when using Gologin through our dedicated Mac OS or Windows desktop application. It is not supported in the web-based version of Gologin.

To enable webcam access, please follow these steps:

1. Ensure that the profile for which you want to change the settings is closed, displaying a "Run" button.

2. Hover your cursor over the profile name and click on Settings.

3. In the side menu, select "Hardware" and change the "Media Devices" value from "Masked" to "Real".

4. Open the profile and test the webcam functionality!

If you have any additional questions about webcam usage in Gologin, don't hesitate to message our support team!

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