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Most websites adjust their content to your preferred language. This improves the user experience of interacting with the website, but at the same time, the data can be also misused to identify you as a specific user, customize advertisements for you, and even collect additional data without your consent.

The language settings are also very important for consistency with your timezone and geolocation. If these parameters differ too much, some platforms may consider such configurations suspicious.

For example, if you โ€œareโ€ in Australia, but your timezone is London, and the language is Japanese, then the security system can find it suspicious โ€” there are practically no such users in reality.

If you want to change your language settings, take the following steps:

  • Click the three dots next to the "Run" button of a profile.

  • Click "Edit".

  • Go to the "Advanced" section.

  • Scroll down until you see this:

  • Select the language you need.

NOTE! It's recommended to have your language settings correspond to your proxy. For instance, if your location is Germany, it's always better to set the German language in your language settings.

Still not clear? Watch this video:

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