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Your Digital Identity Looks Unreliable
Your Digital Identity Looks Unreliable
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“If you get this warning when checking your browser, make sure your real OS matches your profile emulation. For example, if your real OS is Windows, it's recommended to run only Windows profiles on your PC.

You can still use macOS/Linux/Android profiles on Windows, if you like. But keep in mind that your masking will be slightly less secure and reliable at this point.


The warnings concerning your location or/and IP address always come down to your proxies. Make sure you use high-quality proxies that cover up your location for certain.


If the warning regards browser, it means that the version of your browser is outdated, might look suspicious and even get you banned on some websites. In order to avoid that, do not forget to update GoLogin when you see an update hanging at the top.

Such an issue may also spring out if you're using a user-agent having an outdated browser version. On top of that, it may also have some elements of another OS, which may lead to you having 2 warnings at the same time: the browser one and the hardware one. So, be careful when changing user-agents in the "Advanced" section. You must understand what you're doing in order to make consistent, real-looking fingerprints.

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